Saturday, May 31, 2008


I scammed more internet!!! YEAH!!!!

Lots of fun stuff is going on here... I learned that I can shoot a rifle quite well and that it isn't much fun... I also learned that I can now get dressed in full combats including boots and full fighting order (rifle, helmet, webbing, ammo etc... ) in less than 3 minutes... good times for all!!!

I've also met a kazillion new friends. most people here are wonderful, and we hang out 24/7 so that's a really good thing. Like Eleni posted I go in the field next week and that should be somewhat interesting... we'll see how I survive. But I should run, I've gotta run some errands. No pics as of yet, we JUST got our cameras back... bastards!!! anyhoo, love you all, we'll chat soon!!!!

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