Sunday, October 19, 2008

Randomn thoughts on a saturday night

I'm currently sitting at my fancy desk on base, pulling the 4th night of my watch rotation. It's been a nice change from my day job and I can say quite honestly that it is a much slower pace. I'm grappling with the whole staying up until 6am bit though. And the fact that as of tomorrow morning I have to switch to a normal sleep at night schedule... that might be tough. Anyhoo, enough with the boring bits.

Last weekend I zipped off to Quebec City for Thanksgiving. I had never been east during the fall so it was really fantastic to see all the colours - and the red leaves to be exact. I've never seen a red maple leaf so this was a real treat for me. Well, that and the fact I got to see Pete which is always a good thing ;) . The flights there were quite crap, Victoria to Vancouver, Vancouver to Toronto, Toronto to Quebec city.... 9 hours in all.... but at least it as over night and I got to sleep a bit. The weekend itself was really laid back... we chilled mostly, walked a bit through the old towne and had a few nice meals. Our Thanksgiving dinner was at L'Astral which is the revolving restaurant at the top floor of our hotel. The restaurant itself was great, the food was tasty as well but somehow I as slightly disappointed in the fact that there was no Thanksgiving themed anything... not even pumpkin pie! As a person who adores Turkey Dinners you can imagine how crappy it was not to get the official Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving but I guess that means that all the pressure now rests on Christmas Dinner... Maybe I'll go and buy myself a box of stopetop and cook it up in the microwave to make myself feel better.


Ronnalie said...

Awww...I will cook you a Turkey Dinner complete with stuffing and pumpkin pie if you want next time you come to Calgary

Linda said...

YEAH!!!!!!! And a movie night too please!