Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the planning begin

Last week after the course ended in Quebec, I zipped off to Ontario to visit with Pete and relax a bit. It tuned out to be a whirlwind vacation, driving everywhere, to Ottawa, to the Cottage (twice) to Wonderland, but it was awesome, and I needed it. Our wonderland trip was awesome! We went with his sister and her boyfriend - perfect ride partners! Since Pete is certified roller coaster maniac we had to ride as many as we could. We started with the Vortex and over the course of the day ended with the Behemoth.... if you haven't seen it you have no idea, it's ridiculous.... the has 6 different drops with the first being 230 feet.... yep, that's 23 stories..... and you aren't even in a car, but a chair on a platform.... with a pole restraint.... it could be the scariest thing I've ever done - ever!

After that it was off to Ottawa.... I wish I could live in that city, it is so beautiful...Pete and I always have a wonderful time there and perhaps next year we can move to Petawawa (closest army base to Ottawa)... fingers are crossed. It also holds a special significance for us as we got engaged there, in the park, near the Parliament buildings with our tummies full of sushi and gelato... yum!

The rest of our time was awesome, we went to the cottage for a few days, met up with loads of family and relaxed.... best vacation ever :)

So there we go, the vacation was a success, we are happier than ever and now we have to figure out where the heck we are going to hold this thing - Calgary or Ontario....


kristen said...

congratulations! what a pretty place to get engaged- plus we know how you love the parliament.

(we're going to wonderland next week- i'm kinda scared about the behemoth!)

Linda said...

Wonderland is ridiculously fun... save the behemoth until the end of the day, or nearish the end of the day... and eat a giant ice cream sandwich!

megs said...

Linda, congradulations! I can't believe I'm reading it on your blog, but still, so exciting! I'm very glad to hear you're so happy :) Best of luck!