Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I popped off base this afternoon to a cute little town nearby called Alliston.  It is quite quaint, it has a lot of useful stores to shop in when I need to make a purchase and most importantly a Bulk Barn!  I first discovered this lovely shoppe in Ottawa, with Alex - we were off to a movie and made a stopoff in Bulk Barn to load up on fun candies... and I was hooked (on the store, not the candy sadly)!

Today I brought my self restraint with me, I only picked up 2 things - almonds and my newest addiction, Chia seeds... I plan on sneaking them into the galley in the mornings so I can add them to my morning oatmeal - yum!  The best part though was the price - I scooped out almost 1/2 lb of chia seeds and paid less than $6!  Unbelievable!

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