Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This week is the first week that Pete was in the field - for those non-military types think of it as crazy hard core camping - Army style.  Basically they are testing his navigation skills whilst experimenting with sleep deprivation.  I think each day they navigate 32 km through the New Brunswick bush, with (I'm told) swamps on top of hills and killer insects.  Although, the swamps should be pretty much frozen, and the bugs should be almost all dead.   They also have to do some night navigation - which I can tell you from experience that it is both slow going and ridiculously difficult, mostly because you can't see and spend the night being wacked in the face with branches and falling over logs and in ditches.  As for being attacked and fighting off enemies, I'm assuming it will be a nightly occurrence.  The instructors love an opportunity to screw over their instructees... poor bastards!

On my end of it (prepare yourself, this is quite sappy) this is probably the longest we've ever gone without speaking to each other.  We tend to talk a few times a day, and text each other somewhere near 20 times... it's hard when you never live in the same province.

Last weekend, I drove up to Ottawa for the weekend.  Jamie was in town for a "field-trip"  She came down a day early and we got to spend the day talking.  It was wonderful to catch up with her again - I haven't seen her since her trip out to Vic last March.  We spent the entire night talking, over sushi, over our favourite dessert and almost all night.  We opted to stay at the Chateau Laurier - after living in military barracks for as long as we have, we deserved the luxury.  The drive was killer though, almost 5 hours each way - I'd do it any day for time with Jamie though.  Meanwhile here in Borden, life is as regular as usual.  I have a few more projects to work on for the head instructor, some more meetings to attend, not much new.   I did just finish a marathon 90 minute Yoga session though... tough stuff! 

Next week is Remembrance Day.  I've been given the option to attend any ceremony I like.  Being that it is the Navy's 100 year Anniversary and we have this "Bring the Navy to the People" theme going, I've decided to attend the ceremony in my in-law's town.  I'm assuming I'll be one of few in uniform but as I was working last year, this year is my first.

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