Friday, January 15, 2010

Delays and more delays

Just a quick note before I start the recap - I read this over at The day to day, semi-normal life of a female marine and couldn't believe my eyes... some people have no idea how ignorant they can come off spouting out their opinions...

Beginning tonight with some bad news - Pete's course has been delayed from next week to May.  This means of course that he'll still be on course in Sept and not finishing until December.  Which then translates into no wedding in the fall and of course no living in the same location until Christmas this year.  Just as I was beginning to plan stuff, well, that's the military life for you.

Other fun news though, looks as though my next course will be offered (we think) at the end of April and in June.  Hopefully I will be able to get on the earlier course, be qualified sooner, get promoted and therefore have a pay raise all by the end of June! Although, with my track record so far who knows what will happen.

I've begun properly training again for my next half marathon - normally I just run every other day, gauging how far I run with how I feel.  I guess doing that doesn't really put forth a real challenge for my body to work with so I'm thinking this will be a good thing to kick my butt off this plateau.  My friend also signed up for the CN Tower stair climb in April, also a good idea for me.  Luckily the stair-climber at the gym has a magical button that lets me pretend like I am climbing a set of landmark buildings (the CN tower is #7 on their list) this keeps me pretty busy on my Cross training days.

Anyways, I'm at the in-laws for the weekend to escape the base a bit and catch up on my reading (history and military courses, pleasure reading, and now a new book club book - yikes!)  So it's off to bed for an early sleep after a real dinner, I love hangin' with the in-laws!

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