Sunday, March 14, 2010

The return

Way back in University I worked 2 jobs and had a full time class load.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep a lot and was pretty hooked on caffeine... These days I sleep more and only have 1 job, but I still like my caffeine.  

Where was I going with this, oh yeah - Second Cup.  

Because I worked at an Opto office near a large outlet mall type area in Calgary that also had numerous coffee shop options, I would often stop at Second Cup and grab a crème brulée ristretto before heading to my night class - it was delicious and it was my first foray into the world of coffee. But sadly, one day I found out that they had discontinued the creamy cinnamon syrup used in the ristretto :(  and I had to get a new drink.  I was pretty upset when I found out and then switched over to Starbucks because it just seemed easier somehow (not really sure how that makes sense).  Later after we graduated when I lived with Heather, we had a great supply from Starbucks, so I continued to drink their coffee.  Then I moved to Victoria for the military and as there are ZERO second cup stores on the island I remained dedicated to Starbucks.  Now however, I am in Ontario and there are some Second Cup stores but besides the Maple Latte I didn't have a real reason to go.  A few weekends ago I was visiting Pete in Fredericton and we popped into a Second Cup for my coffee (didn't see any Starbucks in the vicinity) and they had a new drink feature - The Cinnamon Spice Latte.  I tried it, and I am amazed at how similar it tastes to my beloved crème brulée ristretto - hooray!

So in short, I have my drink back,  it makes me very happy, and it helps me to get through my crap essays- ughh, I've been struggling with this one all weekend, good thing it isn't due until Tuesday ;)

Short training / weather update - it's been grey and dreary all weekend.  I was suppose to run 16.5 km today but I have a severe dislike for running in the rain so I've decided to change it to a 5 km easy run on the treadmill on base tonight and the 16.5 km tomorrow after work. OK back to the essay :)

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