Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things I've noticed lately...

  • Sliced tomatoes with salt sprinkled on them is an acceptable and delicious dinner
  • I no longer crave chocolate :(
  • Changing your uniform at work causes a lot of ruckus….I've had more people stop to talk to me today than ever
  • Apparently afternoon tea is all the rage… when Pete and I lived in Victoria, we would partake once a month - haven't done tea in Ottawa yet, perhaps during the Tulip fest we'll find a cute tea house
  • I love that my new city has a festival dedicated to Tulips
  • After growing up in a very Conservative city, and having the PM as my MP, I think I've actually changed my tune for this next election
  • Baby furniture / accessories are rather expensive
  • My job is very Excel heavy - somehow this is really exciting to me.. I guess I'm a closet Excel geek

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