Sunday, August 14, 2011

What I've been up to this summer....

Firstly, The house is progressing.... soon we'll need a key to get in :)

 Dug out basement
 Walls being poured
 Checking out the mudroom
 We have 2 stories of Great Room
 Et Voila!  A house!

Secondly, our visit back to Calgary - our last until next year, and our last with just the two of us!

 Pete's first visit to Spruce Meadows 
 With my Mom - you can just see the belly
 Ronnalie and I always go to Spruce Meadows together
 Pete's frist Calgary Stampede - The Rodeo
 The Chucks

Back in the NCR...
Pete in heaven - Gatineau Park

 Vivian's baptism - can't believe she is running already!

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