Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ahh Summer

The past 2 days have been uber-fun. First, friday was a day off for me (yes, yes I know what you're thinking - day off???) and I went and got my hair done - not just cut, but with fancy colours - red and very blond to be exact - yeppers, loads of highlights (and lowlights), plus she crazy curled my hair with a straightening iron - cool! Then because I looked so hot with my new hair I thought to myself -

"Hey self, you should go out for lunch and show off your cool hair"

- but unfortunately I don't have anyone's numbers as they are all trapped inside my cell phone which is at the moment sans batteries so I settled for putting my hair in super cute pig tails and painting the fence - wicked!

Anyhoo I painted the fence, polished my shoes - and did a darn good job, like mirrors I tell you, MIRRORS! (the military was good for something!) and had a nice cup of tea - two actually.

Then today I got arrived at work with a super yummy Crème Brûlée Ristretto - of course - and as it was saturday it was quite slack and casual , and then, THEN my favorite aunt came to visit and take me to lunch - free lunch mmmmmmm.

Tomorrow I get to do another airport run - love it - and then some relaxing time -

OOH , almost forgot - my fabulous friend Jen and her hubby Chris had a lovely baby girl - what a great thing to happen on such a great weekend - HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM and Jen and all my friends with little kiddies!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

The hair looks ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS by the way!