Friday, May 19, 2006

My Life is Over!

Oh dear me - my as of this morning my life is seriously over. I had the WORST day EVER and honestly I dare anyone to try to make it worse. I shall explain....

First - I woke up a wee bit late - that always sucks
Then I went to get a coffee to relax and try to amke my day at work some fun and lo and behold when I walk into the Signal Hill Second Cup I discover that in my absence they have redone the menu and GASP left off my beloved Crème Brûlée Ristreto. I frantically look over at the barista and ask with a sqeak in my voice "Um, exucse me... do you still have the Crème Brûlée Rsitretto?" to which she replies... "well yes but (to my horror) we are discontinuing it!"

HOLY HELL and GREAT SCOTT!!! - (this went though my mind as I tried not to cry)

Upon further investigation I discovered that they still have some syrup left and can therefore make me one for today - but that will run out soon - I even tried to suggest that they hide the syrup and only to be used if the customer produces the correct code password, something like "the crow flies at midnight" would be good I think... I'm not sure I convinced her....

Anyhoo, when I arrived at work I made the mistake of answering the phone - all morning - and to my surprise it was problem after problem - which sucked - but to make it worse - all off the problems were for patients that I had nothing to do with.. but since I answered the phone I was now the person that had to fix it and therefore took the brunt of their frustrations. GRRRR.

What the heck... now I sit in my housesitting house with my kitties and almost all of my clothes strewn around me trying to pack them up somehow so I can move them.... plus there isn't any yummy things in the house and TV sucks tonight - BOO-URNS!

Perhaps tomorrow will be better - no wait I have to work (for the 6th day in a row) and its the long weekend and I am stuck in Calgary.

Well at least yesterday was good - I got a postcard from mi amiga Teila who is in Europe, I got a really funny letter re: my course in the fall which read and I quote:
"Most courses will provide you with enough time to complete any assignments with the time designated for that class. If you do not complete assignments in the provided time, you will be REQUIRED to so so outside of class time."

NO WAY! I have to do homework outside of class time - Crap - there goes my social life!(this is sarcasm if you weren't sure)

Give me a break, is this a joke?

OOOH - also I won a camera from the Foothills Hospital Home Lotto - WICKED it's a samsung 4.0 MP digital camera


Anonymous said...

Okay, here's my bright idea: find out exactly how to make your beloved Creme Brulee drinks (hot and cold) and then buy the syrups and an espresso maker to do it yourself! Then you have an unlimited supply.... And I even submitted a question on the Torani website to ask where to buy them locally. Although I believe I saw them at the Italian market that is right by MacLeod and I's first apartment - do you know the one? Anyway, this is long - call me for more coffee ideas!

Linda said...

Sweet.....whata great idea! - perhaps I will buy a seperate supply to keep around the city at my friend's place so that wherever I venture I can get a great coffee. Hey let me know when you are off to Montreal - if you do go - and we can party it up in a celebration of my graduation - finally - from good ole SCAM U! WOOOHOO!