Friday, July 27, 2007

Mornings Part Deux

Just arrived at work, fresh from the gym - yep, that's right Eleni and I are super stars now - but last night I had a thought.... As Ronnalie and I sat watching our movie - G.I. Jane - I started to feel quite scared... the last time I went to basic training my friends decided to have a movie night for me, turns out we watched G.I. Jane. Good movie, but if you are about to go through military training it scares you a bit. Granted, I am not going through SEAL training, I'm not sure that I could in fact do that, but I am doing Basic again which means pain, exhaustion, mental breakdown and the like. But here's my big secret - I am quite scared, I scared that

a) I'll get hurt again

b) I won't be mentally tough enough to stand Hell week again

c) I won't be physically ready to endure 9 weeks of hard labour, including swimming - because I don't know how...

and d) Because new situations are hard to deal with - and yes I am aware I put myself through this all the time every time I leave for Europe.

In any case, I know if I don't do it now I'll regret it forever and that is never good.

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