Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The last two days my good buddy Eleni and I have been up bright and early (5 am to be exact) to better ourselves... by swimming... now, granted - we can't really swim, well I can't really swim, Eleni is pretty good at it in fact, but needless to say we are not the strongest in the pool.

Now, I've decided that I need to know how to swim - I am sure that there will be a swimming component to my reserve training, so I might as well start - not fun I tell you! I think my big problem is that fact that I cannot for the life of me keep my legs horizontal - they always seem to drop down so I am almost walking on the bottom of the pool with my torso horizontal - funny to picture I am sure. Anyone have some suggestions?

The very best part to these little escapades though - is - the fact that when I get home after work I can chill on the couch and I won't feel like a blob if I don't do very much... granted, that is if I had a free night to actually chill... last night when I could have become a couch parasite I in fact srubbed my kitchen down, re-arranged my shelves - including the growing mountain of Stabucks Coffee Packages that now inhabits my top shelf... cleaned out the fridge, cleaned up the recycling in my storage room (which I dropped off this morning after swimming), washed the floor, cleaned the bathroom and sorted out my piles of random papers, bills, letters, cards etc etc and flopped into bed at 10:30... wow, I feel so adult - yikes!

Anyhoo, I think it's Tea O'Clock, ta - ta for now!

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Unknown said...

Hey Lulu, how are you? I missed you and your stories. Glad to hear you're doing well and keeping as busy as ever. Tell me, how's the house hunting going?