Monday, November 19, 2007

The Weekend

Ready?.....Here we go...

Friday - not too much happened - went to work, went to work, came home, checked my email, got into bed and started to read my new book.

This is where the "normal / boring" part ends... as I am reading my book (ps, It is about 12:15 AM at this point) there is a sudden and loud rapping at my window - to this I sit up and peer out into the darkness pretty much both scared and annoyed... however being that it was after midnight, in calgary, in november, and my as light was on I could not see who was knocking, but I did hear laughter and I caught a flash of someone's face as a beam from the flashlight they were holding passed over. Needless to say I was not impressed, but as I waited there for something else to happen I recognized the laughter and heard something to the effect of "let's go to the door..." so I got up, opened my back door and there they were laughing so hard they had tears running down their faces and they could hardly stand from the laughter. It was of course Eleni and Katherine stopping by to say hello, but didn't realize that I couldn't see them until after they knocked on the window...... well that and the expression on my face was apparently quite funny.

The weird thing is that I have quite the history of my friends (particularly my co-worker friends) that appear at my house, but yet never seem to make it to the door - they instead watch me from the windows, knocking at them and scaring the bejeezes out of me... great times I tell you, great times!

OK, so onto Saturday. I woke up... had a shower, cleaned house, got dressed, got ready and off I went to drop my car at my mom's, get in Lanster's car with Eleni and off we went to the Military Museums..... Now, those who know me (I seem to say that a lot lately...) know that I LOVE ANYTHING MILITARY!!!!!!! True Story! But, yeah we went, were blown away because it is such a great place... finished inside, played on the tanks outside (yeah, that's right I played on the tanks... the plane was too high up... ) and then off we went to do more stuff - mainly pick up some milk and EGG NOG... mmmmmmmmmmm, in fact I'm drinking some right now!!! And then back to my place for hair and makeup. So there we were going like mad women getting me ready and then my date (aka my mom, yeah I know it sounds kinda lame - but she's the reason I am Scottish and she was great fun) arrived and off to the St. Andrew's Ball I went. I ate, sang, mingled with kilted gentlemen and gowned women.. danced the night away and fell into bed in the wee hours of Sunday morning... wow.... great times!!!

Sunday - Woke up quite late (I was tired from the Ball.. I danced a lot... ) got ready, went to work, we were VERY VERY busy.... and then after I worked I sat through a 3 hour staff meeting - not fun at all..... but at least I didn't have to deal with customers.. anyhoo, I got back home, checked the email again and basically went to bed, exhausted from the weekend and not ready to go to work tomorrow (which was in fact today... did you follow that?) Then it was to bed for me...

I should mention though that I did get a text from D... it seems that her beloved little puppy Momo (who we all love so much) passed away on Sunday... and if you know me (there it is again!) you know that I love puppies and that I am so sad to hear this news. But, if there is a brighter side it could be that Momo has gone to hang out with my puppy Micky.. and several other friends puppies... RIP Momo, you are a well loved puppy dog!

Today as a quick note - a pat on my back if you will... I went to the gym twice, once at 6 am and once at 5... hopefully I can keep this up for a few weeks... yikes!!!!

Alright, that's all for now - I hope you are all well.. and don't forget tomorrow (that's Tuesday) The Unit is on right after NCIS (Tuesday night TV rules!)

Buena Noche!

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