Thursday, March 20, 2008

Catch Up

That is what I feel like I've been playing all week. Catch up on security forms, catch up on house cleaning, catch up on fitness, catch up at work. And after all of the I am thoroughly exhausted.

I have however, been given the information with which to decide my activities for the fall. As it turns out there is no chance of training in the fall for my given trade.... great! Funny thing is though that this was the perfect time for me to go away for a year and do some training - plus I would have been promoted faster, gained more marketable skills, had fun in Quebec City etc etc... Needless to say I am not pleased... and when I asked to be put into my chosen trade (IE: the one I really want to do and not the one that was open when I applied) they told me that I could maybe, but it would take a year and then of course I still wouldn't be able to go training in the fall. The part that is even better in all of this drama is the fact that I will effectively be laid off once I return to Calgary.. yeah for my garbage company!!!! They don't seem to have any sort of respect for those serving in the Canadian Forces and are therefore in my bad books... yah, I've had a great week!

But.... I did have some fun this week...

Monday - St Patty's Day - did some navy stuff with my MBF Jamie, ended up chatting until wel after midnight...

Tuesday - Worked at Job #2, gave notice that I was going away for training

Wednesday - Went for a run, felt pretty good about it, spent 2 hours at the ASU learning about Anaerobic and Aerobic Activity... lesson learned: do weights for 20 minutes before running so you are already in the Aerobic zone... also I (and by I, I mean the public in general) must be doing an hour of activity 5-7 times PER WEEK! I do anyways, but it's crap that that it is now spelled out for me... After the ASU stuff we got back to the Unit with 15 minutes left in the evening and were asked to play a communication game - which we rocked at... we figured out the puzzle in 5 minutes flat - a record thus far! The balance of the evening was spent in the wardroom chatting about life and mostly what Jamie and I will have to do at basic, which apparently is fun so we feel much much better!

Now I'm at my desk.. trying to get everything done so whomever steals my job away from me can be in a good position... yeah.. I'm such a sucker! Tonight though is my awards banquet for my kickboxing course... and I am praying that my before and after picture is NOT flashed up on the screen.... no, seriously - that would be AWFUL, but the way the week is going I bet that is exactly what is going to happen...

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