Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Still nothing

Because Heather put it so eloquently  (she is due today, me on friday) - head over and read the post on being 40 weeks pregnant.

I've had my share of texts / facebook messages / bb messages / phone calls all inquiring about the status of Baby S - all well meaning and all nice, but no, nothing yet and yes, I will make sure to call everyone once he/she arrives.

Besides just wanting to hold / meet one wee one, I seriously cannot wait to

  • sleep on something other than my aching hips (ie: my back)
  • eat sushi, soft cheese and prosciutto
  • bend down to pick something up
  • have my hands back (swelling + carpel tunnel = useless appendages)
  • not have heartburn all the time
  • wearing all sorts of shoes - not just sandals
  • get back to running (my last run was at 6 months when Pete and I visited Calgary)


kristen said...

Good luck! I hope we see news of baby S sooner rather than later. And please stay away from puppies ;)

Heather said...

Agreed! I want all of those things! Though I still ate soft cheese, some sushi and prosciutto. I lived on the wild side. So rebellious.

Linda said...

LOL, I certainly cut out - well mostly the "bad foods" but my baby shower featured melon with prosciutto and brie with apples... I ate a lot of each - as for sushi, I stuck with california rolls, no sashimi for me :(