Thursday, November 10, 2011

T-1 week

We headed out to our new place last night to check on the progress of the house - everything is nearly finished, only the paint touch ups and the baseboards to finish - yay!

Thankfully, we've slowly started to tie up loose ends with the house, mortgage and movers from Calgary.  All the stresses are slowly dissipating and now I can concentrate on chilling with this little man and packing up our apartment - not the most fun task, but it won't be too awful.  After looking around a bit, it's really amazing how much one can accumulate in such a short while.

The funny thing is, this apartment is the first place that Pete and I were able to live together, and although we were only here for 11 months, I've been here longer than anywhere else since joining the military.  Hopefully once we move, we'll stay put for a good couple of decades.

I should also mention a big thank you to everyone back in Calgary who is packing up all my stuff and meeting with the movers - that's not a fun task either.  Once it all arrives, I think we'll have a great time going through all the boxes and getting reacquainted with all my belongings / all the extra stuff my mom threw into the mix.

Just for fun I thought I would leave you with a picture that Pete was pretty excited to take.  Apparently William has followed in his Father's footsteps and has begun studying Arnold's Encyclopedia of Body Building - like Father, like Son.


Heather said...


good luck with your move! are you recovering well?

Linda said...

Recovery is going really well - I even drove all by myself today! YAY for freedom

kristen said...

awwww....and i love the blanket

Anonymous said...

I showed Anthony that picture on facebook and he knew exactly where it was from LOL.

Linda said...

LOL, good work Anthony!

Linda said...

Kristen - Owls are awesome, it's my fav too