Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's in you to give

So yesterday was my blood donation day... normally a routine occurrence in my life... which I do actively encourage you all to also make as well - 'cuz it's important and, say it with me - It's in you to give...

Anyhoo, back to the story - I was having a great time, chatting with the nurses about traveling, signing up for the aphoresis program, eating cookies and drinking juice, when all of the sudden, my vision goes blurry - I am finding it hard to talk, and I am super dizzy.... not too good... but thank goodness Francisco was watching me - he realized that I wasn't doing so well, ran to get some nurses and they practically carried me to the couch, plied me with more juice (something like 18 juice boxes) and more cookies - plus the fans, the cold cloths and the nurses all watching me.. wow, I was embarrassed. In the end I had to sit there a further 1/2 an hour because - according to the nurse I was much to pale and shaky to leave.. to which I replied -

"No, seriously, I am normally this colour, I'm really really white...."

In the end I was grateful to the nurses and helpers for their assistance, they are a special breed of people and they deserve my most sincerest thanks!!! so Thank you and Thank you again.

In other news, I had a "Nothing Weekend" with Eleni.. although we did watch quite a few movies - namely "Bourne Identity" and "Bourne Supremcy" then "Crank" - which ps is really quite fun... but then on sunday I was asked to accompany my big sister to Banff in order to act as a translator for visiting engineer from Venezuela... What I learned is that my spoken spanish is pretty crap and that I need to really bone up on my spanish... spoken spanish that is....

Otherwise it was pretty tame and I was quite happy to do nothing, although I did decide that a noting weekend is hard to do as I can't sit still long enough to really do nothing...

Anyoo, I'm tired and I need to stop typing - plus I should feed Buddy the cat - that's right I'm housesitting again... honestly, when am I ever going to stay at my own house, I do enjoy it quite a bit and I like that I have all my stuff there instead of in a suitcase - but really I gotta go - CIAO!

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