Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So I missed both of my sister's birthdays... not in real life, but rather in blog life as I neglected to post them a Happy Birthday message... Amy on the 1st and Sarah on the 3rd - so here it is... Happy Birthday to you both!

Otherwise I had quite the busy weekend. Friday night brought a "Little Britain" Marathon... a show that I truly recommend to everyone as it is hilarious. I have Maya to thank for introducing me... Anyways - so marathon with Rachel and Rob friday night - laughed quite a bit....

Saturday brought my real "last" day at job #2 - I know, I know - I caved and went back for a few shifts, but I swear, I am really done this time. After I left my last day I zipped over to the Bowling Alley at Frank Sissons for some high quality work socializing. It was really fun - I didn't make it in time to participate in the bowl-off, but I chatted with everyone and watched the strikes come. Everyone played quite well, and they all seemed to have a good time. After that we went to the casino side and had a wrap up dinner. As we walked into the restuarant (which by the way had about 2 tables occupied) our waitress looked absolutely mortified as we asked to be seated... she even exclaimed "Did you call ahead?!?!?!?"

Sunday of course was my annual trip to Canmore for the Highland Games... really the highlight of my year... Sunday morning was a bit dissapointing as Eleni called me at 5:30 feeling like death, Lani called me saying she hadn't slept hardly at all as her kitty was sick all night anf Rachel was hung over from the pub crawl the night before, plus she also hadn't had very much sleep... so as it turned out I made my trip to the games with some hung over, exhausted girls. As it turned out we did have a fun time - I didn't really get to watch any of the pipe competition, my favourite part, as we were perusing the booths.. but we did get to the Ceilidh this year - also a fun time.... something I haven't been able to attend. Anyhoo, we had a fun time and I think next year will be even better.

Monday was pretty laid back. On the way back into town we stopped a few times at various places between here and there and listened to some random tunes in the car. When I got back home I pretty much chilled all night - watching "The Tudors" and getting my place ready for the windows guys - who ps neglected to show up again... damn them.

Today was back to work - a dentist appointment - no cavities, as per usual, yeah for my teeth!! and then more work - not so much fun - except for lunch of course - I had a nice visit with Miss Jenn and her darling little Isabelle, now that was good times! Friday however, I do get to talk to the Navy - that should be fun...

K, well that's it for me - adios and stay tuned for highland games pics to follow!

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