Thursday, June 14, 2007

Queen of HPLOC no longer....

During one of my team members review our boss described the demeanor of our team as "Gregarious"....hmmmmmm, interesting - so basically he was trying to shut the hell up - but nicely.... thennnn he asked me to come into his office... ahhhhhh.... I thought I was sooooo in trouble - but really my department RULES - we always get so much work done despite the fact that chat incessantly - but meh, I guess it was time to face the music. In any case when I sat down my boss had a smile on his face - so I did too... and what did he have to tell me????

He pulled me into the office to tell me that I was requested to move to the Broker Team - a promotion - because he wants me to move up in the company...wicked!! So as of Monday I am in a different desk, doing different stuff... When I left his office I told my fellow teammates, and I don't think they took it too lightly.... poor team... Buuuut I did tell Eleni that she needs to continue the Linda legacy and beat my processing record... someone has to.

That night I got to come home and chill with Cynthia and Aaron - aaaaand Samantha - they came to spend the night so I could take them to airport this morning - yeah!!!!! All night with my darling little samantha - well, she's isn't really mine, but I want to keep her....

Tonight after work however, I went for another ionic footbath session - it was pretty gross as I hadn't been since october - and then I took care of some more errands - busy night... Oh I definately need to extend my congratulatory remarks to Miss Crystal - newly graduated (convocated, conjugated or congregated ... whatever word tickles your fancy)


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