Monday, June 11, 2007

Walk the Walk / Made you say underwear

I've neglected to mention over the past week that Eleni and I are the new queens of charity runs. The weekend previous to last we participated in the Super Cities Walk for MS... a cause that I am sure is near and dear to a lot of people's hearts.... Our team walked the entire 16km... something that no other team seemed to do, so basically we kicked some major butt.. and raised over $1200. That week we suffered through blisters and sore muscles but suited up again on the saturday night for the Underwear Affair for Cancers below the waist.

This time the team had more work people on it - and there was an option for a run, but Eleni and I have already dedicated ourselves to walking for cancer so there we were, kicking some more butt, doing a few more laps around the Prince's Island Park. I think we raised for than $5000 and had oodles of fun..

I wonder what walk we can do next weekend...but in the meantime - Eleni and Crystal and I headed over to Ikea for some much needed shopping therapy. We spent about 2 hours there chillin' sitting on couches, looking at kitchens, eating hotdogs etc etc.. Good times had by all and now it's time to chill chez moi in my pjs.

Tomorrow brings more class - I'm considering not going actually, what else is new? Then wednesday I've got a St. Andrew's meeting and Cynthia and Aaron and Samantha will be in town to chill... life is good.

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