Friday, April 16, 2010

Expres Friday

Just got back to my room after my expres test (read: fitness test, military style).... Halelujah, it is over and I passed, I even reached the incentive level and am now exempt from doing it again until 2012.. Hooray!

Last night we had our Graduation Dinner with the Command Team.  Our current CO and his Cox'n as well as the new CO were there and the whole command hallway from the unit, plus all the junior officers.  We had reservations at a cute italian restaurant in Barrie, turned out to be quite yummy, although my Beef Carpaccio was VERY oily and not as pleasant as I had hoped for.  My Penne a la Vodka was delicious and I thought a carb loading meal would be a good thing to eat before my test this morning.  Pete had nice roasted red pepper salad and yummy salmon dish, and both skipped out on Tiramisu (it's a sugar free month). Unlike all the fantastic food blogs that I scroll through daily, I did not photograph the meals (didn't want to try that out in front of the bosses).  We have another graduation next week, I'm technically on leave tuesday onwards and m not sure if I want to go out with all the same people to another long dinner - we'll see where we decide to go and if I want to subject myself to more schmoozing,  I know Pete doesn't.

In an hour I have an appointment at the Base Clothing Stores to return all my green army gear... I fly out to QC in one week and will not be donning any green kit between now and the end of the year.  Now, all that is left is to pack up my room and move for 2 months...  I think I will be back to Borden for another 6 month contract after QC so it's a bit annoying to pack up everything only to come back to it.  Oh well, at least I won't have to drive 4 days across country again :)

Happy Friday to all!


kristen said...

mmmm...beef carpaccio...too bad about the oil :(

Linda said...

Being from Alberta, I'm sad to say but I think I might like prosciutto better :)