Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gettin' Antsy

Yep, I feel like it's just about that time again - time to travel.  Although I have a trip in a few days, it isn't really the trip that I need.... I'm feeling the need to explore internationally and I'm not sure I can do that for another year (boo!)   I have this fantastic map of Europe that I bought way back in France.... it is full of little pink highlights of all the places I have visited thus far, but there are some very serious gaps - The Iberic peninsula for example - despite having a degree in one of the languages spoken there, it only has a tiny highlight on Barcelona, not acceptable!  Also, the northern bit, I've been to Copenhagen, and Edinburgh but thats as far as I've ventured north of Amsterdam.  I seem to have an addiction to Europe and should really consider going elsewhere.

Pete and I toyed with the possibility of going down to Peru with the Eye Exam Mission people in August - sadly his course isn't finished in time and I don't have a guaranteed contract for that time = uncertain leave. Oh well, maybe I'll fell better this weekend once I get to QC.  The old city feels very France-like and perhaps that will be enough to tide me over until next April.

Ok, I've procrastinated enough - back to that essay.

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