Monday, April 12, 2010


I wrote this a few days ago after Ange over at OSG asked her readers what their passions were, I guess I should post this.

What are YOUR passions in life? If you could nail them down to 5-10 
what would they be? Most importantly are you ACTING on them?  

 * Running - although I am no where near as good or as dedicated as I think I should be. As K says, the head games are not fun and I need a better strategy for getting past them. My next half marathon in Quebec City is less than a month away, and my 10km was suppose to be 2 months away - that one has been postponed due to military stuff but I'll try to do an unofficial one in it's place and see how that goes.

* Nutrition- this is a toughie lately, I've said this a few times but eating at a military mess can be a challenge and when the desert is so close all the time it is difficult to ignore. I at least have a little blender in my room that I can use to make green monsters (ala Jamie), but I am counting down the time to when I have my very own kitchen - yay!

* Travelling - lately I've been back and forth across the country visiting Pete and taking contracts, Victoria, Calgary, Borden, Toronto, New Brunswick, Quebec City. All fun in their own right but I crave international travel. I had to write a bio this morning and it just reminded me how much I used to use my passport and how neglected it has

* Learning - After university I've managed to study continuously. First it was Land Admin at SAIT with KQ, then the military which has kicked it into overdrive. I've even started up the Officer Professional Military Education Courses... 2 almost finished, 4 left to go - and they can be used for university credit later on, and will only help with promotions. I've also been thinking of doing an accounting diploma to round out my Logistics career and these extra courses could help it to become a degree... 

I could only think of 4 big ones but I think they'll do.  

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