Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quebec- Part Deux

Yesterday I said my goodbyes (still not good at that) and hopped on a plane eastwards to the land of winding cobblestone roads and sun soaked boardwalks.

  I was the first of the group to arrive, was able to check in early, catch up with one of our instructors from last year and unpack everything before my roomie arrived.   Luckily we pulled some strings and Francesca and I were able to book our room together.  We had thought that it was a 3 person room and had wanted Sarah with us, but instead Fran and I are together and Sarah is next door - not too bad :)  After a few more people arrived we headed out for dinner - it was so nice to see everyone again.  Most of them I haven't seen since last year!

Luckily when 10 o'clock rolled around the bizzarr-o movie from last summer was not up and running, so we watched The Young Victoria before bed - just like last year :)

This morning was breakfast and a walk through the old town before we laced up and headed out for our regular run - along the boardwalk, past the cruise ships, along the river, up the muderous stairs, through the plains of abraham, down through the old towne and back (see the pics below).  It was so so so beautiful - I can't believe I am lucky enough to get to stay here.

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Anonymous said...

what amazing pictures and what an experience so far!