Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash wednesday

So I've noticed the sever lack of personal posts on my blog lately, and frankly I have no excuse. Life has been quite hectic lately, as Heather would say it I have a new "gentleman caller" - not a boyfriend, that word scares me at the moment, but so far so good.

Otherwise I was reminded today that it is Ash Wednesday and I need to decide what to give up for Lent, now I know that I am not catholic, but ever since France I have always done something for Lent. This year I have commited myself to several things, namely..... give up swearing - sometimes I feel like I swear like a sailor and I particularly enjoy the use of certian "religion based" words...........let's see if this one will stick. Also, I have thought that I should give up chocolate (a repeat) and junk food (also a repeat).....

Now I am leaving in 16 days to the land of yummy coffee, and delicious sweets and I am in now way in a position to have enough will power to stay away from all sorts of goodies that I may encounter on my travels so I did not even try to give up those things - perhaps I should have, that would have been a real test, no?

On the schedule for tonight is school - boring boring class, tomorrow is much of the same, but I do get to go chill with the Bolivers for a week and a half (aka house-sitting) so that should hold me until I go away...yeah!!!!!!!!

Friday might bring some salsa dacing with Rachel, Robbie and the aforementioned "gentleman caller"....... and I do not have plans for saturday as of yet, perhaps that will change in the coming days.. I'll keep you all posted!


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