Thursday, February 15, 2007

Broke even

Last night whilst chewing an enornmous amount of bubblegum that turned my enitre mouth bright blue, I was told that our beloved Joe Sports, aka Colin Smith had passed on - he had Leukemia. Very very sad, he was always quite entertaining to listen to on Cjay and later on the 11:30 Sports show on global.

Otherwise the day was pretty okay, depsite the fact that I hate Valentine's Day and I had to go to class. Today, however is awesome!!!!

I rolled into work almost an hour early today to be greeted by my boss with this email form our ridiculous IT guys in T.O.:

"Subject: Linda Spencer

She processed 50 files today with 45 searches!

She was searching and processing 12 files in an hour (5 Min a file) and another at 10 (6 Minutes a File).

Linda was the top processor in the country yesterday"

HAHAHAHAHA, I am very impressed that I beat Ontario, wicked!

No new raise on the horizon though, I don't think I even get a prize for that, too bad.....

School again tonight, that paired with last nights debacle of learning the different parts of a land title and I should be right ready to smash my head against the desk on account of being terribley bored......brutal!

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