Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Damn Day!

I hate Valentine's Day, I do, it is a stupid meaningless holiday that forces you to buy crap teddy bears and stupid flowers...... but, having said that I did just receive a huge bouquet of flowers and a card delivered to my desk, very nice! So now I am forced to eat my words, but not really, because I still hate Valentines day!

In other news, I still am coughing my lungs out, hoping that I get better soon, or be forced ot be sick in Tunisia....... which by the way is in 23 days, 11 hours, 44 minutes and 37 seconds.... wicked, I can hardly wait to get out of this ridiculous snow!

Update - my boss just popped round the office with a long stemmed rose in a vase with baby's breath for everyone in the office - what a sweetie!


Anonymous said...

Man it would appear we hate Valentines day equally but you still get flowers and gifts...*tear*

Hey I'm going to England and Paris in July/August I need to pick your brain!!

Linda said...

AHHHH, you can share my flowers if you like!

Pick away, I love to talk about Europe (as you may have already guessed)....we should go for coffee sometime