Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And yet some more....

Me, Virginia, Anjum (and if you look just to the left you can see the nose of My Tunisian Father in Law - very very long story......stay tuned for the shortened version....)

Walking to lunch under the palms - Martin, Audre, Patrice, Shainul, Me, Serge, Julian

Sylvain, Melanie, Sylvie, Claude

Luc, France, Lucie

Shainul, Nameera, Anjum, Sylvain, Melanie

Pierre, Hector

Julian, Annie, Audre

BFF club - Patrice, Me, Julie - after being kidnapped and decorated with "traditional / beautiful" henna.....ahem - don't I seem happy!

Much nicer, and cooler, black henna (aka ink) done poolside on my wedding day (hahaha)

Spot the "tunisian" copy
Another Happy Customer! (Ps - I look exhausted, I think this was our last clinic day - patient #3000)

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