Wednesday, March 7, 2007

You're Freakin' kidding me!

AHHHHH, KQ and I studied for a whole of 15 minutes aaaaaand I was bad and studied during our CIBC spring focus meeting...and we studied in the car.....aaaand what happened when I went to write the freakin' thing? It was postponed until next week - KQ got to write her damn test, but noooo, I have to wait. And the kicker is....apparently our old prof (who they brought back because our new prof couldn't pronounce the word - no word of a lie here - "negligible") was brought back in to hold a review class. UN-FREAKIN'-BELIEVABLE........

Funny thing is, I am not here next week, or the next, and thus have to write the test after I fly fom Tunis to Casablanca to Montreal to Calgary in one day.....hmmmmm, I should rethink that one.

One good thing about this is, I received an email today wishing me luck on the aforementioned test and included was the funniest example of a test that I have ever seen... well it made me laugh.......

I'm guessing the first three questions will be as follows:
1. Fill in the blank:
The Land __________ Office
2. Match the person to their claim to fame:

a. Robert Torrens a. Invented the Torrens system of land registration
b. Stephen Tyler b. Freakishly big mouth
3. Multiple Choice:
This class:
a. sucks
b. is a waste of my time
c. hasn't taught me a thing
d. all of the above.

PS - I got 100% on that one!

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