Friday, March 9, 2007

Hot Damn, a day off - or 16!

AHHHHHH, I am gone.

Brutal, I am being picked up in 30 minutes to jet off to the airport, I am sitting in my bathrobe, updating my iPod (or iPizzle as Heather would say)...... curling my hair....packing a few things last minute.....ahhhhhhhhhhh, I have no clue what else I have left to do - maybe get dressed perhaps......

Okay gotta run, sorry dudes, love ya all - see ya on the flip side!

PS - all the phone calls and emails are great, I'll try to bring some sand back for everyone!

PPS - I'l make sure to check all my clothes and shoes before I put them on - I don't want any scorpions....hahahahha Rachel!!!!!

K, this makes no sense whatsoever....check back on the 26th for an update.


Drew said...

Hey Linda, your posting isn't that bad... it's at least comprehensible!

Hope you enjoyed your day in Montreal!

Anonymous said...

Soo excited for the update and stories, I hope you had an awesome trip!!!