Thursday, March 1, 2007


WOW, traffic sucks! Seriously though, driving down glenmore from the springbank area is brutal and I am not enjoying it one bit.

As for my lack of posting (I think I already wrote about this one), I am truly sorry. Latley I've been very blah and therefore have little to write about, even though I have been out and about.

Last week for instance I had coffee with a lovely friend Matt where we chatted about europe among others things, lunch with Ronnalie and KQ, and a surprise lunch with my aunt and gradmother on saturday -so much fun.

This week I had a great dinner with a great friend and then I got my hair done on monday - and not too many people noticed which could bee either good or bad, not sure which. This time it features 3 different colours of red, very very fun I say!

Tuesday was also quite nice, I was treated to a yummy Spiro's dinner, mmmmmm, and then of course yesterday was the most ridiculous class ever. I am capable of reading for myself, but all my profs seem to think that reading directly from the text is an acceptable form of teaching! IT IS NOT! Thank god though Heather kindly offered to make dinner for KQ, her " gentleman caller" and I.... the turkey burgers were so yummy, and it was such a nice treat.

Tonight promises more boredom and I sit and wait for class to let out - I cannot wait until I am finished these classes, I cannot even express the waste of time it has been for KQ and I, but really we need the certificate so I suppose we will have to suffer through it.

Maybe I'll have something interesting to talk about later....

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