Monday, March 26, 2007

I'm baaaack

Well Heeeeelllllooooooo, la la la!!!!!!!

I'm back, it seems like just yesterday I left, but it also seems that I haven't been home in ages... weird, but I guess if you come back from vacation and are barely able to remember the stresses of everyday life - it was good.

So many patients, so many glasses, I'm telling you, I have never worked so hard, or so fast in my life - but I am so happy I went. It was honestly the best experience I have ever had - I highly recommend it to everyone, and I do think I am going a return trip to Morroco in 2009!

In any case, I stopped taking pictures because my new hubby (long story) takes such lovely pictures I thought to get copies of his......sooooo, my pics suck - the ones I do have, and for the time being until I get some more these will have to do!

Nameera, Shainul & Martin

In Chebika

Serge & I in El Jem

Patrice & Shainul - El Jem

Anjum & Nameera - El Jem

Martin & Julie - El Jem

Amir - my camel (on the right)

Julie & I - El Jem

Carlos - Driving in a Cal├Ęche through the desert in Nefta

In front of the Bourgiba Mausoleum - Monastir


Rae said...

Welcome home!!! You're just in time for colder weather to come back!

carino_girl said...

Hey...just saw the pics....i'm so jealous!!! good to have you back. chat with you soon. D

Cynthia said...

Glad you are home safe and sound Linda! I missed reading your blog! Sam is getting bigger and bigger. My shirts are getting shorter and shorter. I hope your trip was fantastic! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!