Tuesday, May 8, 2007

HAHA 250 posts!!!! And a trip to Montreal

Well, well, well here we are 250 posts... not too bad in a little over a year.... but anyhoo, I have Montreal stuff to talk about.... here we go, let's give you the run down of the weekend...

Friday morning got up bright and early - 4 am to be exact - repacked a bit, got dressed, dropped by my local starbucks for a lovely coffee, got my butt to the airport, boarded my flight to super fabulous edmonton - yuck! Arrived in edmonton, found out that my connecting flight was 45 minutes delayed - stupid edmonton.... got back on a new flight to Montreal, arrived in Montreal, was picked up in the craziest, coolest, car ever.

No, seriously, it was fantastic - have you ever been in a car that everyone stared at when you drove by? Well, this is what I experienced everytime we went out. Anyways, as we drove home my fake Montreal husband demonstrated the engine capabilites of my new weekend car... so cool!

Upon arriving chez Martin, I took a quick nap as I was super tired, got up, ate a lovely dinner - barbque chicken souvlaki, rice, salad (super yummy vinegrette) - thank you Martin! got ready for our evening plans - said SALUT to super Julie when she arrived - j'adore Julie! Jumped into our sweet ride, and sped off to downtown Montreal. Now, this is the cool part of the weekend.... We went out to a club, I think it was called - electric avenue - but whatever, the name doesn't matter - the part that matters is that the music in this club was purely 80's and 90's... AWESOME!!!! We basically danced the night away, plus SUPER CARLOS came out and we danced just liek he promised... PS - Carlos, you are an awesome dancer!!!!

After dancing for hours, we made our way out of the club, deaf and tired, jumped back into the super car.... drove home, fell into bed around 3:30 / 4 am.... woke up the next day at noon, rolled out of bed, drank Toxic Rocket Fuel coffee.... seriously Martin - your coffee is crazy!! ate yummy eggs and bacon from the barbque - got dressed and headed back out for Linda and Martin's day of fun! (did we all get that reference???) Originally we decided to go to the Universite de Montreal, to check out the old stompin' ground... but we didn't quite back it, instead we stopped off at L'oratoire St. Joseph and then off to the Ile de Notre Dame and around Montreal.... but really, I just enjoyed the looks we got from everyone we passed by in the car.... a real head turner! I really did feel like quite the princess...it was freakin' awesome....

Anyhoo, back at home I had a shower, took a nap, said hello to Julie again - J'adore Julie!! Ate another delicious dinner, this time it was barbque salmon, rice, spinach and salad... quite gourmet I tell you!! watched a hilarious movie about a guy wanting to be an eskimo - what was the name of it again Martin? And headed out again for a party at Audrey's house.... apparently it was a costume party.. dress up like you childhood hero... we did not get that email... thus we were not dressed up, Carlos came as Clark Kent, quite awesome! So we danced, and drank, and danced, and drank and finally got home and into bed at 5 am! Ridiculous I tell you!!!

Woke up the next day at noon - again, not feeling so hot.... couldn't stomach the thought of cooking, so we decided to hit up Macdo - ate our big macs and fries and drove northwards.... arrived in a cute little town, and as Martin was showing me the sights I had a thought... why were we here? When I asked he informed me that we were going to visit his parents! Sweet - my fake inlaws.... me looking super beautiful, hung over, sans proper make-up, without a nice outfit... not that I should be worried about meeting my fake inlaws, but I did have a mini meltdown in my head. In the end it was great, they turned out to be fantastic people, suepr friendly, funny and so sweet, I love my new fake inlaws, and I get to see them again when I go back to Montreal in 2 weeks.... awesome!!!

So, after dinner (what Martin and I could stomach) we raced back to his house, I packed and we raced off to the airport..... and thus ends my weekend of fun! Short, but sweet and great fun! Thank god I'm going back in 2 weeks... can't wait!

PS - thanks for everything Martin!

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Anonymous said...

The movie on the eskimau is:

Je voudrais ĂȘtre un esquimaux ;) !! by Pierre P Pelletier of Rock et Belles Oreilles (humoristic group)