Sunday, May 13, 2007


Today's post is of course dedicated to the Moms out there... you guys are fantastic..... and today is just for you!!!

So for you mom - here it is; Love ya lots, you - who are always there for me, always willing to get up at ridiculous times to drive me / pick me up from the airport and especially because you are always super excited for no matter what I decide to do with my life.... namely:

join the military, move to switzerland, change my major, move to montreal, move to france, surprise you by coming home for a week from france, fly to europe for a week, graduate, buy a car, get an apartment (that you found for me!), get a new job, take off to tunisia, take off to montreal, etc etc etc....

Well there we go, but I should mention that I am also wishing a great day to my friends who do double duty as moms...

PS - Cynthia, I hope you guys get to have a great day with little Sam, give her a kiss for me!

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