Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Things I don't like about today

Today was not fun, I won't lie, in fact despite wearing my new cute jeans to work it was so not fun that I am currently at home, sitting in my PJs on the couch skipping class because I am no unimpressed with everything... let me list what led to this conclusion

  1. Too many files in the file queue when I got to work, too tired from yesterday's rush to work hard
  2. Eyeball feels weird so I had to rush off to Job #2 to have it checked out
  3. Got back from appointment at Job #2, spent entire lunch hour driving
  4. Had shouting match on the phone with evil CIBC lender.... and it was HIS mistake!
  5. Got the munchies too many times
  6. Started to drive home, got call from KQ, decided that didn't want to go to class if I had to sit alone
  7. Visited Condo office in Kensington, found out that condos are $500,000 - aka waaaay too much for Linda to purchase....
  8. Came home, put PJs on, got munchies again, watched crap re-run of JAG, decided that today officially sucks.....
  9. Thought to myself, my apartment is a friggin' mess... aaaand I have ironing to do, boo-urns!!!
This post isn't that interesting to read, but sadly it reflects quite accurately my current mood... sorry guys....

Oh, one nice thing about today Eleni made me a super yummy iced greek frappe coffee... thanks chica!

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Anonymous said...

Things I don't like about today:

Logging on and seeing the same old post that has been up for the last two days. Get to work!! Entertain me!!!