Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Acts of Kindness

I've been offered a free washer and dryer for my place, I pick them up on sunday and I couldn't be more excited. After a year and a half of doing laundry elsewhere it is going to be such a luxury. I, of course need to get this person something for helping me out... I'm thinking a gift certificate to a nice steak house... she's a meat eater like me... But, wow, I am super excited!

Other fun news.. yesterday I left my favourite pair of sunglasses in the ladies room of the the 2nd floor in my office tower. I was changing from my kickboxing stuff into work attire and left them there - I know, real smart move Linda... but by the time I remembered where I left them it was 4 hours later and of course they were gone. I posted a Lost poster with a picture of the glasses (google images is so great) and offered a reward for their return. I really just hoped that some nice samaritan would call. I waited all afternoon and just as I was leaving the building they called. Naturally I was uber exicted and planned to pick them up the next morning but decided that a Starbucks gift certificate would probably be a nice gesture - so there I was this am, gift certificate in hand I popped into her office and thanked her profusely for calling. When I got back upstairs to my office she called me again thanking me for the gift card... how nice is that?

Other fun news from yesterday... I had a lovely 4 hour chat with my neighbour. Turns out his little brother locked him out of the apartment and took off to the gym so he needed my phone to call him. The really funny thing is that this was at 9pm and he didn't end up laving my place until 1 am, but his brother still wasn't home yet.... Poor guy had to go to his girlfriend's house to sleep... It was a nice time though... I never knew my neighbour grew up in the next community to mine when we were young and that he was such a nice guy, interesting as well... too bad we are all leaving in a few months...

I should also mention today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.. I think I'll give up swearing... I seem to be muttering some less than flattering things lately...

I'm off to resistance training in a few minutes and then home to clean out the storage room in time for the new washer and dryer!!! I shall leave you with this last thought though. Did you do anything nice for anyone today?

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