Friday, June 9, 2006


Please forgive the weird formating....

After my historic walk across the stage

With Cam

With my Mom

With Cynthia and Aaron

With Claudia

The BA Span Class of 2006

Linda and Cynthia!


Hez said...

I'm jealous!!!

braden said...

Hey Linda,
Its Braden...i'm sure you remember me. cam and i played hockey together, and hung out until i moved away to lethbridge in '01.
anyways, how are you guys doing? looks as though you made it through school, congrats on that.
so i left my website address on this comment, you can reach me if you'd like through my website.
oh..and how did i find you, hilarious, i was visiting a friends blog and accidentally hit the 'next blog' button...and your blog appeared (what are the chances).
Well, i hope you are doing well

Lulu said...

wicked! - what are the chances I wonder????
Anyhoo - soooo nice to hear from you.... are you still in the 'peg - or have you rejoined us in Cow town?

Lulu said...

scratch that - I can see you're still in the 'peg - call cam, or drop either one of us a line if you come into town - we can do dinner or something!

Anonymous said...

FELICITATIONS!! I would love to have a grad picture of you if you have one.


Lulu said...

I haven't had the formal ones taken yet - but I shall start a list w/ you at the top!

carino_girl said...

Way to go Linda!!!! Congratulations on your graduation. The pics were terrific.

We are very proud of you

Denise & Gerri

Rae said...

Congratumalations girl! Isn't it just soo fun to dress up in a robe and mortarboard? (really a bit ridiculous, but revel in the joy of the achievement), I am so happy for you!!!!

megs said...

Congrats Linda!!! When can we go for celebratory lunch/drinks/dinner/desert???

Call me :)