Thursday, June 8, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen....It's official!

So, I have now entered the cult of the U of C Alumni.

Yeah for me - I did it and I am now an official U of C graduate. The ceremony was nice - a great big surprise that I didn't in fact have to shake the hand of my old buddy Harvey Weingarten - I did get to shake the hand of the Chancellor instead - who by the way was wearing a great kilt! Plus one of my favorite profs ever - Mme Lohka - was there to give me a hug and some "félicitations" and "bravos".

My mom and Cam's parents along with Cam and Cynthia and Aaron were there to witness my convocation, and as well my friend Pauline made it - and although we never actually got to meet up, the thought was there.....

One thing that was slightly creepy was the fact that my stalker creepy Steve was graduating with me, which normally would have been alright but as there were only 6 of us there from my department, it was slightly awkward.

Afterwards we went and had a lovely yummy lunch at Santorini's - mmmmm Greek Food - plus I treated myself to some Baklava!

Anyhoo, all in all the day was fab.

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