Tuesday, June 27, 2006


As you may have already read on Heather's blog - we went on a small shopping trip to Ikea. Now, I'm sure we all know about Ikea, and we definately should all love it as much as I do. In fact I love it so much I went back today and bought some more stuff (curtains and roman blinds for my room and more picture frames). Followed by a small shopping trip on airmiles.ca to order a really nice pots and pans set and a steamer (for rice, veggies, chicken /fish etc).

Yesterday however, we pretty much cleaned up during our shopping trip, Heather and I, we bought chairs (with cushions) for our kitchen table, some kitchen textiles (aka a table runner and some tea towels) a Tv stand, curtains (+ rod) for our living room, a rug for the living room, and I got some picture frames for all my french prints - in addition to all Heather's bedroom stuff. Plus, it all fit in my new car (seats folded down of course). Now all that is left is bathroom stuff, towels, bathmat and what have you.

Also yesterday I had a tea party with my grandma - she is amazing this lady... 6 years without her husband (he was away fighting for our country in WWII) whilst raising my uncle, and this Bastille day she turns 92 - plus she still drives! I love her! Not to mention all the cool stuff she gave me from her cabinet - I'll treasure those dishes forever.

Today I went to Pauline's and had a great chat, then I had a lovely starbucks iced latte, THEN I hung out with my friend Jenn and her great kids (her 6 week old baby is perfect, I just love her!).

All in all a great start to my vacation from work, Tomorrow I start to house-sit until the 4th and I will probably spend the days lounging on the deck surrounded by flowers and sunbathing whilst reading some great books / daydreaming about my new apartment - what could be better I ask you?

My mother pointed out something to me the other day - this year alone I have:

  1. Vacationed in Europe
  2. Graduated from University
  3. Bought a new car
  4. Got my own place (in a trendy part of town)

And, it is only the end of June - holy crow! What next I wonder? In any case my point is that I must have doen something really nice to please the fates to have such good luck. Thus, I am very thankful.


Anonymous said...

Super mega congrats on the new appartment - SO exciting!! I can't believe the sheer volume of shopping you've been doing, you're going to need the vacation just to recover!

Heather said...

You're amazing Linda! So much accomplished! Now, we just need to kick a little ass where needed and we'll be footloose and fancy free!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That was from me, KQ, by the way.