Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vrooom Vrooom - Surfs Up!

So as some of you may have guessed - I am now a car owner..... It's true - Linda has bought her first car - and it's new to boot! And I did it all by myself - no parental help needed!

I wanted to wait until I had a sweet picture of me chillin' in my new ride, but alas some holligans decided to WALK over my hood and put a dent in it - so the dealership is now replacing my hood. Originally I was told friday but now it seems as though I must wait until monday. HMMMMM - BOO-URNS!

Anyhoo its a small, black, and quite european looking Pontiac Wave and it's very very fuel efficient, perfect for a first car for a new grad. Plus, I got a sweet gas card, 20 cents off per litre for a year (although I doubt I'll ever max out the 2500 L limit). So next time I'm with you and you need gas perhaps you can bribe me to get you 20 cents per litre off. HAHAHA

PS - it's a huge surprise for my mom - soooo SHHHHHHHH!

Cool (and corny) pics of me to follow.....

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