Sunday, June 25, 2006


What a weekend - friday was pretty much uneventful, work was well, work - thankfully I was out of there by 5:30, followed by a relaxing evening. I drove (in my new car) down to my mom's and we stopped by our old neighbour's - Karen's - house. While there we skulked around our old house peering into windows etc seeing what they did with the old place. It was the oddest feeling, I felt as though I wasn't looking at the house where I grew up in, but rather a stranger's house. It was quite dissapointing, what a shame.

Saturday was a bit of a gong show at work. We were grossly understaffed, and I didn't get out of there until 4:50 (quite late I can tell you). Thank god I have a weeks holliday! In the evening my mom and I went to the Greek Fest and ate some delicious delicious food...mmmmmm... followed by some fancy dancing and a tour around kensington to show her the house that Hez applied for - it turns out we did not get it. However, my mom (she brings me such luck!) spotted another apartment for rent just in the next block. It turns out to be AMAZING! is completly renovated, new everything and - get this - right in between the #264 legion (a sign no?) and the gelato shop.

Everything is coming up Linda (and Hez of course)! (did you get that?????)

Anyhoo, I have decided that I should volunteer at the legion and hang out with some vets whilst eating gelato..... I am stoked.

Updates, and party dates to follow...

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