Sunday, July 16, 2006

A good day

So today my friend Ronnalie and I had a lovely day...first we got together and took her dog Max for a walk, then we went to this great meat shop - it was awesome, I bought some fabulous beef jerkey (that Woody Harleson apparently loves!) - 3 kinds- and some yummy sausages and wicked steaks. The best part is that the meat is all super top quality, almost no fat, the sausages are made from chicken breats and the jerkey is made from rump roast. I'm telling you it is awesome. Then we went shopping and I spent $175 at Aldo on shoes and purses - I don't feel nearly as guilty as I should just because a) my shoes from Nice (from 4 years ago) are falling apart and b) I'm a grown up and a university graduate and so I should have grown up purses and shoes, thus the spending of the money.

Anyhoo afterwards we had a great lunch - with yummy yummy melted brie on Naan bread - and then we hit my place to watch the first volume of Kill Bill - it was a cool movie - violence, just what I needed.

Plus we had another walk - and some more beef jerkey. Next stop is Costco for some perrier and "pantry essentials". Slowly but surely I am making up my grown up life.

I know that I have promised to post numerous photos, but when I get my computer up and running - I'm using Heather's now (thanks Heather) - I'll post some photos.....

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Anonymous said...

I love naan bread, soooo good. It can be hard to act grown up and not have to pay alot for it but it's usually worth it.