Friday, July 28, 2006

My SEXY SEXY new hair!

HAHAHAHA...I LOVE getting my hair done, I am such a girl sometimes but who the heck cares? I would love to upload some pics but unfortunately I can't get my computer to connect to the net and I'm not sure miss Heather wants me to be adding randomn weird hair pics to her I suppose you'll just have to wait - I'll try to fix it I promise.

But, I digress....back to the hair - it is mostly quite dark with loads of RED (and I mean red) highlights and of course a few blond ones that are left over from the previous few hair sessions. I guess the thing that I forgot about was the fact that when my hair is darker I look soooo pale! Now for anyone who knows me knows that I am the world's whitest person - ultra pale and cannot for the life of me get a tan - but with my new hair I am WHITE! I honestly thought that perhaps I was getting a wee bit of a tan, but sadly no. Also, my baby blues really stand out now - I think I prefer this look, it is more, how do you say?...striking, in that my whiteness is accentuated a lot more.

Anyways to finish off the day can I tell you that the crazies were out in full force...the two people that started my work day off were completely unbelievable. First I had a lady who - get this - had a raging eye infection for 3 weeks - 3 WEEKS! - and who full on admited that she a) didn't finish the eye drops rx that her GP gave her...b) took someone else's steroid drops (I can't even begin to tell you how wrong that is).... and c) seriously thought she did nothing wrong!

Then, the next girl came in and also full on admited that she had been wearing her MONTHLY (as in can only wear for 1 month MAX) contacts for 3 MONTHS!!!!!! and she honestly thought I was going to let her leave my office without garbaging them - I cannot believe her eyes didn't fall out! Not really, but you get the jist...

I'm not sure if you all understood the lunacy of the day but meh....

So this weekend I will try - for your benefit - to a) upload pics of my wicked hair.... b)upload pics of my apartment.... and c) upload pics of my fancy dancy new car..... I hope.

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