Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why, oh why?

Why do I seem to attract all the crazies? It seems as though I bring out the weird talkativeness of some people. They tell me all sorts of stuff, about their medical history, their love life, their adventures etc... Today I must have sat there and listened to some lady drone on for near 45 minutes. Seriously, some how I got roped into a chat with her. First it started out about airplane travel, then crashes, then vegas, then weather and architecture and jewelry, then all of the sudden she launched into her medical history and that of her elderly husband. She continued to explain all about her husband's caregivers and how she nearly ran away with one on account of his charisma and how it so closely matched her's (which by the way if you are wondering is equally as amazing). THEN she blabbed about how her mother was such a tremendous beauty with a quick wit and - you guessed it - fabulous charisma. Honestly, she went on and on. After that she switched to the topic of intelligence and how her mother was super intelligent and (it turns out her mom used to live in the Beverly Centre, where I used to work in High School) how she passed this amazing intelligence down to her younger sister and then onto her son who turns out - get this - is a double Einstein!

Whatever the hell that means!!!!!!!????? He apparently started university at the age of 11 and is refered to as a boy genius. Oh puhleez....

No one at work seemed intent on saving me from this women - I was seriously sick of hearing about that wonderful fabulous bragging that she had to do about her family and herself....But thank god her husband needed her help with his glasses and I could escape.

I'm not sure if she was just lonely, but this seems to happen to me quite often and I have no clue as to why - perhaps I have some sort of magical talking powers and people are just compelled to tell me intimate details of their lives. Geez, what a power, I would rather have something like flying or invisibility. One can only dream , right?

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