Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ode to Bertha... the Very Best Grandma

I am the worst grand - daughter ever.

All week long I was thinking about my Grandma's birthday, I even told people about it 'cuz I am super proud of her. I get my scottish heritage from her, I have some of her dishes in my kitchen, I have a fascination with the military because of her husband, and I will never forget playing with all her tupperware on the kitchen floor when I was little. All in all she is a super huge role model to me. Anyways, Friday comes around and I forget to call her, saturday comes and I forget to call her, finally today I realize my enormous mistake and I call her to wish her a wonderful (but belated) 92nd birthday. 90 freakin' 2 years....she is amazing. She lived through the depression, lived through 6 (almost 7) years without her husband (he was in WWII) while raising my uncle and then has lived for 37 years (thus far) as a widow. I cannot tell you what a great lady she is...all that she has seen and done for low these past 92 years, and she still drives!!!!! (not in calgary mind you, but still)

So Grandma if you are reading this (although I'm not sure she knows what a blog is)- Happy Birthday, I love you lots and lots.

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