Monday, July 17, 2006

I could have blown up!

Call me ridiculous but the whole time that I have been living here at my place I always noticed a natural gas-ish smell coming from my storage room where the furnace and the hot water tank are. Today however I probably spent something like 15 full hours in my apartment. The smell was getting stronger and I had a headache plus I was getting a bit light headed, so I called the gas company emergency line. They sent out a guy to check it out, now this guy was no spring chicken but he knew his stuff. He said he couldn't smell anything, but checked anyways for me. It turns out that I did indeed have a small leak - which he said was probably there for years without anyone noticing it. So why did I smell it? He said that women have a more sensitive sense of smell - HA! Anyhoo all is fixed, gas leak is no more and I feel a whole lot safer now. Weird that no one else (except Heahter, my mom and my old neighbour Karen, all of whom are girls by the way) could smell it, or did anything about it until now.

PS. I actually made it to the Stampede tonight, I ate my mandatory mini doughnuts and cotton candy, I even had that special barrel root beer. No word yet as to whether or not I won the dream home - I'll post something if I do...wish me luck!

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