Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Apartment

My apartment, I think, is finally really feeling like home. Because I house-sit so much and have lived everywhere the past little bit (Europe, my mom's, the Bowman's, etc etc) I haven't really had "a home", however now I can really chill and do whatever I want, it really is quite nice. Oh, and I seriously do feel like I am living alone with an occasional house guest - Heather is rarely home.

Anyhoo I tried to take some pics of my new place - well the kitchen to be exact (complete with a back door!) - it's the only room (with the exception of Heather's room) that is clean. Well, not really the place is clean per say but MY room is a wee bit messy. I have A LOT of ironing to do and I need to hang all of my pictures....Oh yeah pictures, the photos are a bit blurry as I am still getting used to my camera. I'll post them anyways so you'll have to forgive the clumsiness..... oh and please note the newness of everything..hahahahahha (PS - all of the shoes are property of Miss Heather - mine are in my closet and are equally as abundant...)

Tomorrow is a fun day I hope, my mom and I are going to the Salsa fest in Kensington - see ya there?

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kristen said...

heather's room??? clean??? (h-mo, when you read this, please enunciate it like mum would...i'm pretty much making this comment on her behalf even though she hasn't read this)

It looks very cute. I wish I had nice new appliances like that...