Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sexy Back

The return of the sexy sexy hair. I am in love with my hair - well not really, it could be darker and more red but I am nonetheless pleased with the result. I always feel much sexier and happier with red hair - next time though I'll go brighter.

Work was crappy today - I just wasn't that into it - plus Heather left again this morning after just coming home on sunday night - so boo-urns at waking up at 5:30 am to say bye bye, but she'll be back thursday I think.

Ahhh, I almost forgot I never told you about my cake class. Every monday in October Jennifer and I (from job #2) attend cake decorating class at Michaels. We are shaping up to be fancy Martha types and our cakes looked how you say - jolie! Mine was pale blue with white stars all over it and jenn's was pale green with dots and stars. We collectively decided that we didn't want to make a juvenile rainbow cake. Next week we are trying our hand at cupcakes with all sorts of decorations on them...the trouble is that I have this cake and I can't eat it - so that begs the question - who wants cake?


peopleweallknow said...

Fax it over!

Linda said...

the cake? Umm, that might be a wee bit messy...perhaps you two should pop 'round and have a slice.

Unknown said...

hey Linda, you know I've been reading your posts everyday, and I gotta tell ya, YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE GOING TO IKEA!! I am a fan and everytime I go in there I don't come out for hours, but boy do you ever remind of it! I think I'll go tonight.

Linda said...

Good Idea Snoop....I thkn I might make up an excuse for visiting my 2nd home this weekend. - what else can I buy for my home? I'll have to think on that.....when are you coming back to cowtown? I'm craving some persian