Friday, October 27, 2006


I have been waiting for this day all week. It started tusday, as I was walking into my office building I was certain it was thursday but suddenly realised that it was in fact tuesday and I almost started to cry - that is how dissapointed I felt. However, I perservered and voila it is friday! Today has been pretty good so far. I just translated my third mariage certifiacte from spanish into english and I am beginning to see that my degree wasn't in fact a waste of however many years at university.

Yesterday was fun, at lunch I zipped over to buy a beautiful three tiered glass cake stand. After work I got to rush over to the canada post outlet and pick up my much anticipated Pride and Prejudice 10th Anniversary Edition DVD set (wicked!) and then to KQ's to pick her up so that we could make our way to class - that's right I went back to school last night. Now, it isn't really that much of an accomplishment, the course is 3 weeks long and my mark consists of a take home test (seems to be quite straight forward) and attendance at an oil well tomorrow - nice huh?

Wednesday was good despite the fact that apparently scottish dancing was cancelled - boo-urns! But at least I did do some yoga to make up for the fact I was deprived of my cute little scottish dude, and of course visitng with Rachel is always a nice way to end my work day. On, one more thing - my french radio station was having another "discussion" and this time the question was What do you do after sex? The most popular answers? Sleep, shower, smoke (the are french afterall) and brag to their friends - very odd....

Tuesday was KQ"s birthday although she seemed (and still is) quite sick - not good. Cam and I, however, had a really delicious dinner. We made hands down the most delicious salmon I have ever tasted - and super yummy brie quesadillas. Quite the culinary accomplishment I believe. Hats off to Rachel Ray for creating the recipe!

Tonight I have to do a spot of shopping - this time for a pretty dress for the ball next month. Hopefully I can find something inexpensive but nice - and to go with the tartan sash I have ordered from Scotland. Followed by dinner and a movie (The Queen) with Denise - A lovely way to end the work week I think.


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear our efforts in Advanced Spanish Grammar did not, in fact, go to waste. Congratulations on the third aforementioned marriage certificate translation.

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Ahh, yes advanced spanish grammar, quite the class, made even better the day after an emergency meeting. Nevertheless, the translations are kind of exciting - in a geeky sort of nerdish way. My thanks to your congratulatory remarks KQ.